New Classes in Pasadena

Come Climb Kabbalah’s Tree of Life

Beginning this Tuesday, February the Sixteenth, we are reinstating our experiential classes in the sacred mysteries, which have always focused on expanding our consciousness and horizons. Our reliable tool here is Kabbalah’s Tree of Life: a most marvelous roadmap of conscious and being, and honored in both Jewish and Western mystical traditions.

Class will include a lecture, to give you some lay land of our psyche, in both deeper and higher faculties. Then there will be an invocation of those powers (and yes they respond) that you may find your own experience and understanding. After 45 years of engaging in this teaching, and a dozen or so giving classes every week, I can honestly say we are encountering deeper wisdom here, and if that is of interest, you will be spending your time wisely as well as having fun.

Feb. 16.      Malkuth, the Kingdom: We start on the ground, where the Tree’s roots go deep.

Feb. 23.     Yesod, the Foundation: We move into the unconscious realm of generation.

March 2,    Hod, Splendor of the mind: The game of life becomes understandable and fun.

March 9,    Netzach, the Victory of individually manifesting life.

March. 16,  Tiphareth, the Beauty that is the Heart of God and Human at the same time.

March 23,  Geburah, the fierce Strength of the Spirit that never fails.

March 30,  Chesed, the Lovingkindness without which Strength does fail.

April 6,       Daath, the Knowledge (Gnosis) of the the sacred marriage of above and below.

April 13,      Binah, the Understanding that is the substance of all manifestation.

April 20,     Chokmah, the Wisdom that is the will of the Divine.

April 27,     Kether, the Crown of spiritual royalty upon the heads of all true knowers.

Consecutive Tuesdays, 7-9PM in the beautiful chapel of the historic Church of Truth, 

690 E. Orange Grove Blvd. Pasadena CA. We even have parking. 


Masks still required and social distancing is created by sitting in chairs marked with a ribbon. Couples may ignore this rule.

Donation $15: More is appreciated but if you are short on resources, please come anyway.

Your host is Rev. Jack Goelz: Gnostic priest and class magus.